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AQUAGOLD Fine Touch by PSC

AQUAGOLD Fine Touch by PSC

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We offer Aqua Gold treatments in our clinics. This is an advanced, patented FDA-approved and CE-marked microchannel device. The device’s needles are gold-plated with 25 carat gold, making them skin-friendly, sharp, durable and extremely thin. The whole minimizes skin irritation and allergic reactions after treatment. One treatment head has 20 sterile needles and one needle is thinner than hair. The manufacturer is American Aquavit Pharmaceuticals INC. The product is medically classified and therefore intended for use by physicians and nurses only.

The unique channel in the needle itself creates a microchannel in the skin and delivers the substances directly into the skin. The device has the ability to deliver individually designed ingredients subcutaneously to the dermis at an even depth. Treatment may cause slight pain in the treatment area. The recommended cocktails are made from hyaluronic acid, vitamins and botulinum or, for example, using your own plasma, taking into account individual needs.

Why is this treatment right for you?

The AQUAGOLD Fine Touch treatment is a truly versatile tool. The treatment is suitable for a wide range of adult skin for both women and men, as the ingredients used on the skin can be built according to individual needs. Dry skin gets moisturized and vitamins, while oily skin is given drying ingredients as well as skin pore-reducing substances. Aging skin recovers, refreshes and tightens. Unclean skin balances and redness subsides. If you wish, the treatment can be built using your own blood plasma, completely naturally, without ready-made ingredients. It is a comprehensive and effective skin care.

After treatment

The needles come perpendicular to the skin which reduces bleeding and pain as well as unnecessary reddening of the skin. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is dull, clean and refreshed. We do not recommend applying makeup to the treated area on the same day after treatment. AQUAGOLD Fine Touch by PSC treatments can be performed in series if desired, but at least approximately every two months.

Free consultation

The consultation will provide a lot more information about the treatments that interests you. At the consultation, the nurse will tell you about all the steps involved in the procedure, i.g. preparation, processes and aftercare. It is also possible to consult on the basis of pictures.

Price list

  • AQUAGOLD Fine Touch skin perfect 550€
  • AQUAGOLD Fine Touch glow perfect 600€
  • AQUAGOLD Fine Touch fill perfect 600€
  • AQUAGOLD Fine Touch plasma perfect 680€

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