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Cheek enhancement with fillers


Cheek enhancement with fillers

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With aging, the collagen and hyaluronic balance of the skin decreases, as a result of which the elasticity of the facial skin is lost and the lines of the mouth corners deepen. Nasolabial lines on both sides of the nose may also form on the face. Highlighting the cheekbones can fade the deep lines of the nose and mouth area. The emphasis on the cheekbones gives the face a youthful look and at the same time the features of the face get more posture and life from the high cheekbones.

Safe operation

To raise the cheekbones, we use a full-bodied and hyaluronic acid-containing filler. The fillers we use are researched, safe and high quality products.

The outcome of the treatment is visible immediately after the procedure. The results are natural and very long-lasting, as the post-injection process continues for several months, even more than a year. However, fillers do not stay in the skin indefinitely, and it is advisable to renew treatments at regular intervals to maintain a good result.

Follow-up treatment

The procedure is not surgical. There is often redness and mild swelling in the treated area after the procedure, and bruising is also possible. The symptoms usually improve within a few days. The procedure is always performed by an experienced healthcare professional.

Free consultation

We recommend booking an appointment for a free consultation. At the consultation, we comprehensively assess the client’s goals, situation and wishes for treatment. We will also tell you more about the treatment and how to recover from it.

Emphasis on cheekbones with filler

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