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Chemical exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation

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Chemical peels or acid treatments are very effective and fast-acting methods for the treatment of skin problems. Acid treatments are also the best treatments for brightening, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. After treatment, the skin becomes more glowing, firmer and the skin’s sebum secretion is balanced.

Indications & benefits of treatment:

  • acne / clogged / uneven skin – smaller pores and fewer pimples on the skin
  • aging skin – smoothes out the fine lines and increases skin elasticity
  • dry skin – surface dryness decreases and the skin is more receptive to care products
  • pigmented skin – superficial pigmentation is reduced
  • blurry skin – skin tone improves and brightens

Follow-up treatment

After treatment, the skin may look and feel dry, tight and slightly reddened. If the skin flakes after treatment, it usually occurs 3-6 days after treatment depending on the strength of the treatment. Symptoms often subside during the first day.

To achieve the ideal treatment result, we recommend serial treatments. The procedure is designed according to the client’s wishes and the characteristics of the skin together with a specialist specializing in acid treatments.

Free consultation

We recommend booking an appointment for a free consultation. In the consultation, we comprehensively assess the client’s goals, situation and wishes for treatment. We will also tell you more about the treatment and how to recover from it.

Chemical exfoliation
  • Face 270 €
  • Serial treatment 230 € / treatment

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