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Facial rejuvenating treatment with De-Age EX

Facial rejuvenating treatment with De-Age EX

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Skin tightening and wrinkle removal with a recovery time of 2-4 days

At our clinic, the new De-Age EX, which achieves good results for tightening skin and smoothing wrinkles with a fast recovery time.

What is the new De-Age EX?

De-Age EX is a new generation of microinvasive treatment device developed for facial and neck rejuvenation and tightening. Facial rejuvenation methods have long attempted to achieve the effectiveness of surgical procedures without surgery and with a shorter recovery time. Now this is possible with the new MFRF technology.

This new technology is significantly more efficient than older radio frequency devices such as e.g. Fractora, Infini, Sublative, Intracel, Exilis, Caretech or Lumova.

MFRF stands for Minimal Fractional Radio Frequency. This technique is based on insulated microneedles that penetrate the skin surface without damage and distribute the targeted energy to the desired skin layer. The depth can be adjusted between 0.1 and 4 mm. The surface of the skin remains completely intact because the needles are hair thin.

Stylish, fast and accurate treatment

Depth and power are adjusted depending on skin quality and skin type.

This technique is based on insulated microneedles that penetrate the skin surface without damage and distribute the targeted energy to the desired skin layer. The depth can be adjusted between 0.1 and 4 mm.

When you want to treat the deeper and looser layers of the skin, the energy is distributed deeper. If you want to treat surface wrinkles, the energy is distributed more superficially.

The results are visible immediately after the procedure, as the skin tightens immediately. The results are improved when elastin and collagen are formed in the skin as a result of the procedure. These proteins tighten and smooth the skin. These effects rejuvenate the appearance.

Who is suitable for the treatment?

De-Age EX treatment is recommended for 28-85 year olds, both men and women. The treatment is suitable for all skin tones and skin types. The operation can be done in all seasons.

How is the treatment done?

Initially, the skin is anesthetized with anesthetic cream for 30-40 minutes. The skin is effectively numb and the procedure is painless. A slight tingling sensation may be felt during treatment. The procedure takes about 15 minutes for the face and 10 minutes for the neck.

After the procedure, the skin becomes red and mild swelling may occur. The swelling is very small and disappears the very next day. The redness can be easily covered with makeup immediately after the procedure. No separate aftercare is required. Faces can be washed, greased and makeup normally. You can play sports the very next day.

The procedure is really safe and the risk of complications is almost non-existent.

Recovery time depends on the need of the power used. You can usually show up publicaly 1-3 days after the procedure.

The procedure can be done with a slightly stronger effect once or lighter as a series of treatments (2-3 times).
Our specialist will work with you on a treatment plan suitable for you during the consultation.

De-Age EX or laser treatment?

De-Age EX is a fast-acting treatment that has the potential to stimulate the deep structures of the skin. Elastin formation is stronger after De-Age EX treatment while collagen formation is stronger with laser treatment. Laser treatment stimulates more skin surface structures and laser treatment has a longer recovery time, yet a longer lasting effect.

Read more about our laser treatments: Skin Rejuvenation with FRX laser treatment.


  • Full face 880 € / subsequent treatments for the whole face area 780 €
  • Neck 680 €
  • Lower face + neck 880 €
  • Face + neck 980 €
  • Face + neck + décolleté 1180 €
  • Forehead 480 €
  • Mouth circumference / lower face 480 €

Ask more about serial treatments!

Only in Finland

De-Age EX is the only treatment in Finland at our Plastic Surgery Center, Mannerheimintie clinic, in the heart of Helsinki.

The consultation and procedure can be performed at the same visit.

The consultation can also be performed based on the photos if you send the photos by e-mail: or to this link.

To book a consultation or procedure, call our reception on tel. 0961500399 or e-mail:

We serve every day, including Saturdays and Sundays.

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