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Fat transfer to face


Fat transfer to face

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Eye wrinkles, fine lines above the lip, dent caused by smiling and ageing forehead wrinkles – life leaves its mark on all of our faces. The cheeks may be dented while the youthful edge of the face disappears. However, there are several ways in which the softness and freshness of the skin can be restored. One of the best and surest ways is fat transfer.

When we talk about fat transfer to the face, we refer to an aesthetic surgery procedure that smooths out wrinkles on the face using the client’s own fat. The transfer of your own fat to the face restores a youthful freshness to the face and makes the skin smooth and soft.

Compared to fillers, fat transfer is a longer lasting solution, although the procedure itself takes more time, as it actually consists of two different parts: liposuction and injection. Although modern methods also allow the use of synthetic substances for facial fillings, they still involve risks, e.g. allergy risk. That is why it is the most suitable and natural to use own body fat transfer among all the options. In addition, the body’s own fat is much cheaper than expensive fillers, since normally the fat can be found in each customer’s own body.

What is fat transfer for?

Plastic surgeons use facial fat transfer as one of the repair methods to correct, for example, tissue defects, developmental disorders or cosmetic damage caused by an accident. Liposuction is one of the most suitable ways to repair the face, and fat transfer can help restore tissue to wrinkled and dented areas of the face. The procedure can be used to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines as a sign of ageing. This makes the face look more refreshed and younger.

Because smoking is effective on preventing fat from sticking, it is advisables to stop it 3 months before fat transfer. In addition, the use of analgesics and Omega-3 products should be discontinued prior to the procedure.

How it is done?

The procedure consists of two parts: first, the fat is sucked at a pre-arranged point, after which the surgeon injects the fat into the face. In fat transfer, fat is usually collected from those parts of the body where it is sufficient and where liposuction does not damage the body. The most common such areas are the thighs, arms or abdominal area. During the procedure, the client is anesthetized. The plastic surgeon cleans the spot where he takes the transferred fat and performs liposuction. The plastic surgeon then makes punctures in the face and injects small amounts of transferable fat at the desired spots. The duration of the procedure is usually 1-3 hours. At the end of the procedure, the injection spots are protected, and supportive textiles are worn at the injection areas (e.g.feet).

After the procedure

Immediately after the procedure, there are traces of fat transfer on the client’s face: stings and swelling caused by the procedure. Bruising may occur at the fat intake and transfer spots. Unnecessary talking and moving your face should be avoided. Recovery is usually rapid. The customer may function as soon as his condition allows. After the doctor has confirmed that the customer is able to move and eat, the customer can be allowed to go home. It is a good idea to avoid moving all areas where fat has been transferred for about one week. Heavy physical exercise should be avoided for about two weeks as it poses a risk of infection. Fat intakes can be sensitive for months and it can take up to a year for a full recovery.


Thanks to the fat transfer, the face again looks youthful, supple, cheerful and fresh without compromising the individuality and natural expression of the face. The results of fat transfer are long-lasting because the body’s own fat which is used as a filler adapting perfectly to the natural part of the face and making them smooth and supple for years to come.

Fat transfer procedure scheduling:

  • Surgery 1-3 hours
  • Recovery from surgery 1-2 weeks
  • Visibility of surgery results 2-4 months after surgery

The procedure can be performed at one of our clinics either in Helsinki, Tampere or Turku.

Our plastic surgeon will be happy to consult with you before making a decision. All of our plastic surgeons and aesthetic surgery specialists are top experts in the field.


The price of the measure starts from 1400 €.

Read important information about our payment terms.

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