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Liposuction for men

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Liposuction for men

Liposuction for men    Contact us

Pre-procedure consultation

A consultation with a plastic surgeon is recommended. Liposuction assessment can also be done based on photographs. At the Plastic Surgery Center, we aim to do liposuction within a month after the consultation.

Safe operation

Water jet liposuction is always performed by a plastic surgeon or a doctor who specializes in surgery and has received special training in liposuction. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The patient can return home a couple of hours after the procedure and go to work after 1-2 days. If desired, the procedure can also be performed under anesthesia (anesthesia).

The procedure can be performed at one of our clinics in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku or Oulu.

Water jet suction prices

1 area from 1800 euros

2 areas from 2600 euros

3 areas from 3000 euros

4 areas from 3400 euros

5 areas from 3800 euros

6 areas from 4200 euros

7 areas from 4600 euros

8 areas from 5000 euros

9 areas from 5400 euros

10 areas from 5800 euros

Prices include everything, no other costs are added.

WAL areas: One WAL area is approximately 10 × 10 cm in size. Example prices for individual operarions:

Double-chin, hamster bags 2600-3400€
Abdomen 3400-4600€
Sides 3000-4600€
Arms 2600-3800€
Upper back 2600-3400€
Knees 2600-3000€

 Pay in installments

You can also fund liposuction with a PSC care account, the benefits of which include a 24-month interest-free payment period. Find out more.

Indicative installment example (four treatment areas):

Payment period               Monthly installment if the purchase amount is 2900 euros
12 months                           241 €/month
24 months                           120 €/month
48 months                           60 €/month
72 months                           40 €/month

Note! The monthly amounts include the reduction as well as any interest. Any processing fees and account fees will be added to the monthly installment according to the payment option you select. Any account fee will be added to each selected payment plan.

Read important information about our payment terms.

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