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Nasal surgery


Nasal surgery

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Contact us

Plastic Surgery Center is specialized in nasal surgeries

Faces are the most visible part of a person’s physical characteristics. In social life, the face gives us a first impression and the face is where the attention of others draw in us at the first. The face is therefore an important part of our identity, and for this reason, satisfaction with one’s own face is extremely important for a whole self-image and a full-weight life.

Sometimes the nose can form a problem area on the face due to either an illness, injury, or a congenital malformation. Since it is impossible to hide an incorrect shape of the nose, dissatisfaction with one’s own nose can cause oneself extra mental stress and even considerably complicate social life. However, with current procedures, the nose can be corrected to be more harmoniously with the face.

The Plastic Surgery Center which is located in the heart of Helsinki, specializes in nasal surgeries and all our nasal surgeries are performed by a specialist in plastic surgery. Whether it’s correcting a small distracting detail or largely editing a nose, you can turn to us. For more information, call 09 278 3038 or e-mail

The procedure will be carefully planned through consultation

Plastic Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art clinic with extensive experience in nasal surgeries. The price of a nasal surgery starts from 4480 euros and the surgery is always planned individually according to the client’s needs. Prior to the procedure, the patient participates in a consultation with the plastic surgeon to find out the scope of a possible future procedure and the intended outcome. The consultation takes about 30-90 minutes, depending on the procedure. At the consultation, the doctor or nurse informs the patient about all the steps involved in the procedure, ie the preparation for the operation, the course of the procedure, any problems related to the procedure and the aftercare of the procedure. We will go through all the options with you and together we will choose the method that suits you the best. We also go through the risks that are always involved in all surgeries. At the Plastic Surgery Center, the patient’s own wishes play an important role in choosing the surgical method. Please note that it is also possible to consult on the basis of pictures. The consultation section of our website allows you to send pictures and get more information about the procedure that interests you.

Procedure taken with professionalism according to the customer’s needs

The Plastic Surgery Center performs nasal surgeries with solid professionalism based on careful, individual consultation. Nasal surgery is almost always performed under anesthesia, but smaller procedures can also be performed under local anesthesia.

Nose surgery can be used as a technique for either open surgery or closed surgery, depending on the type of nasal correction procedure involved. Open surgery, which is currently used as a basic technique in nasal surgery, means that an opening is made in the septum of the nostrils, through which the structures of the nose can be repaired. Closed surgery, on the other hand, means that the procedure is performed only through the nostrils. Closed surgery can be used to correct e.g. problems with the back and septum of the nose. Nasal septal repair is usually used to either correct nasal skew or to change the side profile. The procedure can also repair a constricted septum and thus improve the airway.

Cartilage grafts taken from the nasal septum can be used to aid in nasal shaping in both closed and open surgery. Because nasal repair often involves disassembling and reassembling the nasal structure to achieve the desired shape, cartilage grafts can support the structure of the nose. A person planning a nasal surgery should take into account the fact that in addition to bone and cartilage, the skin of the nose and the thickness of the soft tissue also affect the appearance of the nose. Surgery has only a limited effect on these properties, so it is not possible to endlessly modify the nose with surgical procedures.

The surgical technique used depends on the type of nasal reshaping involved. The back of the nose can usually be raised with a bone or cartilage transplant. If, on the other hand, it is desired to lower the back of the nose or the protrusion in it, the desired amount of bone and cartilage is filed or chiseled in the repair procedure. The back of the nose can be narrowed by folding the edges of the bony vault from the sides inwards, after which the structure is supported by cartilage grafts. The shape and height of the tip of the nose can be altered by cutting, suturing, and bending the cartilage circulating around the nostrils of the nose.

In nasal surgeries, the recovery time is normally about 2 to 3 weeks, so the time of the surgery should be chosen carefully. Recovery time is usually time off from work and limited in terms of social life. For the first week, a nasal spatula and tapes are kept, which are usually removed one week after surgery at the same time as the sutures. The final results of the nose section are usually seen only in about six months later.

Kaikki nenäleikkauksemme suorittaa plastiikkakirurgian erikoislääkäri. Toimenpide tehdään lähes aina nukutuksessa mutta pinemmät toimenpiteet voidaan myös suoritta paikallispuudutuksessa.

Konsultaatio ennen toimenpidettä

Plastic Surgery Centerillä on pitkä kokemus nenäleikkauksista. Ennen toimenpidettä potilas osallistuu plastiikkakirurgin konsultaatioon, jossa valitaan potilaalle sopivin menetelmä. Konsultaatio on maksuton. Konsultaatio voidaan myös tehdä kuvien purusteella. Voitte lähettää meille kuvia meidän kuvakonsultaatio-sivun avulla.

Price of nasal surgery under anesthesia:

From. 6200 €

Read important information about our payment terms.

Our state-of-the-art clinic is located at the heart of Helsinki. For more information, call
09 278 3038 or by e-mail at


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