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Onda treatment

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Here you will find the best small method to treat cellulite and enhance skin metabolism – ONDA Coolwaves ™ by DEKA

ONDA Coolwaves ™ by DEKA is the world’s first and only device to use revolutionary new technology for knife-free body shaping and fat reduction. DEKA has developed a safe and efficient microwave technology that allows energy to enter directly into subcutaneous fat cells safely and destroys fat cells quickly and painlessly. The invention helps to significantly reduce the heating of the surface tissue, and the risk of complications is reduced due to the controlled heat production.

Microwaves are part of a large set of electromagnetic waves (frequency range: 1 to 300 GHz). However, not all microwaves are the same. The handpieces of the ONDA system generate microwaves at a frequency of 2.45 GHz, and this particular frequency has a significantly better effect on the fat molecule than on the water molecule. When Coolwaves ™ penetrates through the top layer of the skin directly into the layer of fat, it does not damage the surface of the skin by overheating it.

We will help you treat cellulite

Cellulite is a subcutaneous fat that accumulates in the connective tissues. Women are, on average, more likely to suffer from cellulite than men, but cellulite also occurs in men. The hormone estrogen affects the accumulation of cellulite and increases easily as a result of puberty, pregnancy and the use of hormone. Nine out of ten women have cellulite. Cellulite is of many levels, from light and small molecule to high molecular weight, inflamed and painful cellulite. Most people suffer from cellulite in the lower body area because the metabolism has slowed down in these areas.

Cellulite is caused by disorder of cellular metabolism. In cellulite, fat cells form clusters surrounded by stranded connective tissue. Enlarged fat cells weigh on the blood and lymphatic nerves, disrupting blood and lymphatic circulation, which impairs cellular metabolism and oxygen uptake. In this way, in addition to fat, fluid and waste substances accumulate in the tissue. The further the cellulite has progressed, the larger the clusters of fat cells form and the more lumpy the skin is.

Due to poor metabolism of adipose tissue, it is difficult to get rid of cellulite easily.

Cellulite is common and hereditary, but not necessarily perpetual, and is a treatable affliction. Most often, normal rr slightly elevated weighed people have cellulite, Slender people also have cellulite.

Cellulite is also a disease of the same name, but it is a serious subcutaneous inflammation. In a bad case, cosmetic cellulite can also become painful. Then the swelling of the fat compartments slows down the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid so that the cellulite skin becomes greyish and fluid swelling occurs. Excess fluid may cause tightness and soreness of the skin.

ONDA is for everyone

ONDA can be used to treat areas of the skin that need firming. It can treat local fat accumulation, but also painful and malignant cellulite. The treatment takes effect immediately from the first treatment, but we recommend serial treatments, depending on the initial situation. We always make a treatment plan based on an individual assessment in consultations. To support and achieve a good result of treatment, it help s to have varied diet, to exercise and to drink enough water. If you have any metabolism disease, we will assess the need for treatment together with you. In most cases, we can recommend ONDA therapy to support the treatment of the disease because it has been found to be helpful in boosting metabolism.

After treatment

Immediately after treatment, the treated area may be reddened and hot, but usually the area does not show anything abnormal. We will cool the skin immediately after the treatment and review the aftercare instructions with you before leaving the clinic. We recommend massaging the treated skin areas between treatments, enhancing cell regeneration and metabolism. You can resume normal life immediately after treatment.

Free consultation

The consultation will provide a lot more information about the treatment that interests you. At the consultation, the nurse will tell you about all the steps involved in the procedure, I.e preparation, events and aftercare. It is also possible to consult on the basis of pictures.

Price list

  • 1 area (15x15cm) 170 €
  • 2 areas 340 €
  • 3 areas 450 €
  • 4 areas 600 €
  • 6 areas 700 € (1.5 hour treatment time)

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