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Treatment for couperose

Treatment for couperose

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We perform Couperosa vascular removal with the safe and most efficient Deka Synchro laser device on the market. The effectiveness of the procedure is based on the absorption of the laser beam into the color pigment of the vascular hemoglobin and closes the blood vessel.

Safe operation

Couperosa vascular removals are always an individual process and the time it takes for the vessels to disappear may vary. However, the most commonly treated superficial vessel disappears immediately, but sometimes it can take a few weeks to disappear. If necessary, the treatment can be renewed after three weeks.

Fair redness and swelling in the treated area is normal in the days following the procedure and disappears in about a week. Barriers to laser treatment include pregnancy and skin sensitisers

Couperosa and reddening of the skin can also be treated with FRX laser treatment

Free consultation

The consultation will provide a lot more information about treatment that interests you. At the consultation, the nurse will tell you about all the steps involved in the procedure, for example, preparation, procedure and aftercare. It is also possible to consult on the basis of pictures.

Couperosa treatment
  • 1st area (10 x 20cm) 360 € / treatment
  • 2nd area 450 € / treatment
  • Small area e.g: nosal circumference from 300 € / treatment

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