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Wrinkle removal with injections


Wrinkle removal with injections

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Many small details affect the overall impression. At the same time, beauty values are very individual. It is natural to be charming and feel subtle. When there are fewer wrinkles on the face, the look is often younger, more vibrant and happier. Plastic Surgery Center injection treatments reduce and prevent facial wrinkles. The results are natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Usage purposes

Injection treatments are excellent for smoothing the skin of the face, preventing wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, and raising the eyebrows and corners of the mouth.

Injection treatments use botulinum toxin, which has also been found to help treat tension headaches, migraines, hyperhidrosis and bruxism.

Safe and effective operation

The effect of botulinum is based on relaxing the muscle under the skin. Muscle relaxation occurs either partially or completely depending on the dose. Injection treatments rejuvenate and invigorate the appearance, and the skin becomes smoother as the facial lines of the face decrease.

The effect of treatment begins 2-4 days after the procedure and lasts for about 4-6 months. The procedure can be renewed any number of times. Regular use of injections effectively prevents and reduces wrinkles and formation of grooves on the face.

After the treatment

After treatment, redness may occur on the skin and bruising may occur at the injection spots. Sometimes injection treatments can also cause mild headaches. The symptoms ease in a few days. After the procedure, we recommend avoiding heavy sweating and taking sauna for 48 hours after the procedure. Botulinum therapy is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.

At the Plastic Surgery Center clinic, injection treatments are always performed by an experienced healthcare professional.

Free consultation

We recommend booking an appointment for a free consultation. At the consultation, we comprehensively assess the client’s goals, situation and wishes for treatment. We will also tell you more about the procedure and how to recover from it.

Wrinkle removal by injection:
  • Out of stock 280 €
  • Eyebrow lift 240 €
  • Wrinkles between the eyebrows (sibel wrinkles) 240 €
  • Eye area 280 €
  • Mouth corners 140 €
  • 2 areas (e.g. forehead and eye area) 380 €
  • 3 areas (e.g. forehead, eye area and between eyebrows) 440 €

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