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Breast lifting

Breast lifting

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It is natural to be charmed and feel satisfied with your own appearance. Beautiful breasts also have a positive effect on self-esteem. Breast lift is one of the most popular procedures at our clinic. With weight loss and pregnancy, as well as aging, the breasts change shape and begin to hang. The nipple moves lower and the breast skin begins to stretch and become flatter. The phenomenon occurs in both young, middle-aged and older women, and almost all women have loose breasts. Self-care or exercise do not remedy the situation, breast lift surgery is the only option.

Pre-procedure consultation

Before breast lift surgery, you will meet with a surgical plastic surgeon, with whom you will go through all the procedures involved. The plastic surgeon will inspect the situation and listen to your wishes, as well as make a procedure plan individually.

Procedures are performed at the Plastic Surgery Center clinic in the heart of Helsinki, Turku, Tampere or Oulu. The consultation takes about 30 minutes.

If you live far away and  are prevented from coming to our clinic for a consultation before surgery, we can also perform the consultation through photos via email. You can do this by sending us prictures to the following email address: and so our plastic surgeon will do a consultation with you with the help of the pictures.

The procedure time can be booked after the consultation.

A safe and natural procedure

Breast lift surgery is done from a small vertical incision below the nipple. The procedure removes excess skin from below the breast while moving the sagging nipple to a natural location. After that, the skin is sewn with small intradermal sutures that melt by themselves. The procedure usually takes more than an hour and is performed under light anesthesia.

The shape of the breast becomes natural, youthful and firm. The nipples come beautifully in the middle of the breast. A small scar remains below the chest and this fades and remains almost imperceptible. The end result is charming and natural.

All breast lift surgeries are performed by a specialist in plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery with many years of experience. Breast lift surgery is safe and the risks of complication are low.

After the procedure, you will rest in our clinic and the nurses will take good care of you. If necessary, painkillers will be provided and an appropriate support bra will be given to you that you will wear approximately four weeks after the procedure. You usually can go home on the same evening and the next day you will be able to work quite normally. The control visit will be booked approximately three months away.

Price of breast lift surgery:

1. Breast lift (Medical basis) 6400 -6 820 €
2. Breast lift (Aesthetic basis) 7400-7 840 €

If silicone implants are placed during the operation, the price will be increased by 1,300 euros.

The price includes procedure, anesthesia, bra and post-examination. No other costs are added to the price.

Pay in installments

You can also fund a breast augmentation with a PSC care account, the benefits of which include a 24-month interest-free payment period. Find out more. Find out more.

Indicative installment (payment) example:

Payment period            Monthly installment
1 months                                   5980,00 €/month
3 months                                    1994   €/month
12 months                                  498   €/month
24 months                                  249   €/month
48 months                                  124   €/month
72 months                                    83   €/month

Note! The monthly amounts include the installment as well as any interest rate. Any processing fees and account fees will be added to the monthly installment according to the payment option you select. Any account fee will be added to each selected payment plan.

Read important information about our payment terms.

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