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Clatuu Alpha Cool Sculpting


Clatuu Alpha Cool Sculpting

Clatuu Alpha, knife-free and painless degreasing by freezing   Contact us

Eliminate unwanted body fat deposits completely painlessly even at a meal time.

  • The duration of the procedure is 45-60 minutes
  • No recovery time
  • Painless procedure
  • Natural result

The Plastic Surgery Center now has the hugely popular and top-rated new technology of Clatuu Alpha for fat-freezing. Only in Finland.

What is Clatuu Alpha treatment?

Clatuu Alpha is a second-generation 360-degree cryolysis treatment that uses a controlled cooling technique to remove unwanted fat.

Clatuu Alpha is a non-invasive treatment that removes body fat that have not been able to eliminate regardless of a healthy diet and exercise.

Alpha offers better results by using fat freezing technology compared to other similar devices. Technologically advanced, 360-degree precision cooling handpieces provide better and more even cooling than traditional sheet metal plates cryolysis.

Each cooling device applies only to the patient’s subcutaneous fat layer without damaging the surrounding tissue. Fat cells experience apoptosis, or excess fat cell death in the coming months after the treatment.

How does Clatuu Alpha feel?

The handpiece is aligned with the treatment area, whereby the treatment area gently adheres to the treatment cup. When the target temperature is reached, the skin feels numb in the treatment area. The nurse massages the treatment area for 1-2 minutes after the treatment. Clients who have done several treatments find Clatuu Alpha treatments completely painless.

For which parts of the body can we do Clatuu Alpha treatment?

The technology is versatile, including a variety of handpieces. These are made for different parts of the body. We can handle e.g. arms, thighs, outer parts of the pelvis, abdomen, waists, chest area, and neck.

How long does Clatuu Alpha treatment last?

Treatments last 45-60 minutes at controlled temperatures. Visible and measurable results are noticeable 1-3 months after treatment. Clients can expect a reduction of 25 percent extra fats in the treatment area after each treatment. Treatment can be repeated for achieving further results.


Frequently asked questions

What are the strengths of Clatuu Alpha?

Clatuu Alpha removes fat from different areas of the body from the double-chin to the knees by cooling fat cells using a wide range of different handpieces and utilizing new unique 360° Surround Cooling Technology.

Together with the client, we can design a personally tailored treatment program to chieve the desired result in body shaping. The procedure is pleasant and painless.

How is fat removed from the body with Clatuu Alpha?

The cooling handpiece is placed in the area where excess fat is to be removed. The handpiece produces cold energy in the fat layer. During and after treatment, fat cells die due to crystallization and fat is then naturally eliminated through metabolism.

Can Clatuu treatment be renewed later?

Yes you can! Depending on the thickness of the fat layer, the treatment can be repeated if necessary, if you want to remove even more unwanted fat. Treatment can be renewed 4-6 weeks after the previous procedure.

Onko Clatuu Alpha oikea hoito minulle?

Mikäli ylimääräistä rasvaa on jenkkakahvoissa, vatsan alueella, käsivarsissa, reisissä, selässä, muilla kehon alueilla tai kaksoisleuka, josta et pääse eroon ruokavaliolla ja urheilulla niin Clatuu Alpha on todennäköisesti hyvä ratkaisu.

Is Clatuu Alpha the right treatment for me?

If there is extra fat on waists, abdominal area, arms, thighs, back, other areas of the body or a double chin that you can’t get rid of with diet and sports then Clatuu Alpha is probably a good solution.

Will the procedure leave scars or other signs on the skin?

Clatuu Alpha is a completely non-surgical procedure that does not damage the skin or other tissues. No scars or other marks remain on the skin. In general, the skin feels very mild soreness and the skin may become red in about 2-4 days.

Do I need sick leave after treatment?

After the procedure, you will not need sick leave even if you have physical work. You can return to work the same day. The treated area is not sore or swollen after the procedure, only slightly soreness for a few days.

Price list

  • 1 area 780 € e.g double chin or pubic area.
  • 2 areas 840 € e.g lower abdomen, upper arms or both Yankee handles.
  • 4 areas1380 € (2 x 60 min, same visit). For example, lower abdomen areas
  • 6 areas 1790 € (150 min, same visit). e.g lower abdominal areas, upper arms

The consultation and procedure can usually be performed at the same visit.

To book a consultation or procedure, please call our reception on tel. 09 6150 0399 or by e-mail:

We are open every weekday, including Saturdays and Sundays.

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