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Replacement of breast implants

Replacement of breast implants

Plastic Surgery Center offers implant replacement   Contact us

The Plastic Surgery Center recommends replacing unknown and low-quality implants with new and documented safe high-quality implants.  In Finland, thousands of women are feared to have dangerous cheap implants. Unprofessional clinics and unskilled surgeons have used unknown implants that are even dangerous to health and are of inadequate quality. Therefore, the demand for implant replacement has increased significantly.

Replacement for high-quality implants

Cheap low-quality implants can be easily replaced with high quality implants such as Mentor, Natrelle and Nagor. The Plastic Surgery Center uses only premium silicone implants.

Safe operation

In the procedure, new implants of the desired size and shape will be replaced. Implant replacement usually takes less than an hour. In most cases, the patient can leave the clinic on the same day and return to work after a couple of days. All breast surgeries are performed at plastic surgery center’s state-of-the-art clinic in the heart of Helsinki. For more information, contact our beauty consultant on 09 278 3038 or email us at

Cost of replacement of implants:

1. Replacement of silicone implants (Medical basis) 5,840 €
2. Replacement of silicone implants (Aesthetic basis) 6,920 €

The price includes everything: procedure, anesthesia and implants. No other costs will be added.

Pay in installments

You can also fund the replacement of silicone implants with a PSC care account, the benefits of which include a 24-month interest-free payment period. Find out more.

Indicative installment example:

Payment period     Monthly installment
1 months                           5840  €/month
3 months                           1946  €/month
12 months                          486  €/month
24 months                          243  €/month
48 months                          122  €/month
72 months                           81  €/month

Note! The monthly amounts include the reduction as well as any interest. Any processing fees and account fees will be added to the monthly installment according to the payment option you select. Any account fee will be added to each selected payment plan.

Read important information about our payment terms.

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