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Lip shaping and filling

We have many years of experience in lip augmentation and filling. Contact us

We at Plastic Surgery Center have many years of experience in lip filling and shaping. Lip shaping is becoming more and more popular these days as it is an troubless and quick procedure.

If the client feels that they don’t have naturally full lips, but dreams of such. The procedure of filling and shaping of the lips will help to make it pleasing. The procedure is carried out very professionally and always using the best fillers, which guarantees a beautiful and natural end result.

Safe operation

The design and filling of the lips can change the look of the face in an instant and thus also boosting self-esteem, if the lips have previously formed a clear problem area in the individual’s self-image. The reasons for applying lip filling vary individually. In younger individuals, the reason for the procedure is often purely aesthetic, i.e., the desire to have larger, more impressive, and smoother lips. Lips can also be moisturized with lighter fillers without changing their size or shape.

Aging, on the other hand, affects the lips in such a way that their fullness and moisture weaken and fine lines begin to appear on both the lips and the corners of the mouth. Lip filling helps to make the lips pleasing, because by adjusting the amount of filler, customers get just as much fillings as he or she wants. The excipients contain hyaluronic acid.

Follow-up treatment

The effect of a single treatment is immediately visible and lasts for up to several months. Although no recovery time is required, it is important to keep in mind that redness, bruising or swelling may occur in the treated area after filler treatment. The effect of the fillers is not final, so if you want the lips to be permanently fuller, regular re-treatment of the lips at certain intervals is necessary.

In addition to fillers, the lips can be shaped by cutting or adding their own tissue to the lips. Long-term results are achieved, for example, with the Buffaloplasty method.

Free consultation

We recommend booking an appointment for a free consultation. In the consultation, we comprehensively assess the client’s goals, situation and wishes for treatment. We will also tell you more about the measure and how to recover from it.

Lip filler treatments

0,55 ml 360 €
1,0 ml from 425 €

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Before and after

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