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Upper arm tightening

Upper arm tightening

Upper arm tightening Contact us

Loosened upper arms, or so-known as ‘loose upper arms’, are loosened. They are usually the result of a significant change in weight: when the weight drops, the skin tissue can no longer able to recover and remains hanging as a limp nasty-looking bag under the arm. Loosened upper arms are not usually fixed by exercising, no matter how hard you train. Indeed, many women who have experienced pregnancy or weight lost suffer significantly from the aesthetic disadvantage caused by allies: wearing a swimsuit or a sleeveless party dress seems impossible even at the thought. However, there is a solution for loosened upper arms.

Liposuction or dermolipectomy

In some cases, the arms can be shaped with liposuction, but usually there is so much extra saggy skin that liposuction is not enough, but surgical allie correction, arm tightening surgery is required. The procedure is officially called a dermolipectomy. In arm shaping surgery, an incision is made on the inner edge of the upper arm and the sagging skin is surgically removed. The length of the incision required depends on the amount of skin to be removed, usually extending from the armpit almost to the elbow joint. During surgery, the patient is under either anesthesia or sedation. If the amount of tissue to be removed is not very large, local anesthesia may be sufficient.

After shaping the arms, supportive bandages should be worn on the arms to minimize swelling. For the same reason, hands should initially be kept as high as possible. Muscle-activating light exercise and stretching, as well as moving your fingers, reduce the swelling. Completely swelling can not be prevented by any means, but it decreases relatively quickly

Recovery from dermolipectomy

It is possible to return to light work after a week. The stitches will be removed in a couple of weeks. The use of support tapes and bandages is recommended. Moderate exercise are suggested: light exercise helps healing, but strenuous sports is not wise too soon after the procedure.

The biggest concern for many patients after upper arm surgery is the relatively long scars, which are also unfortunately visible. Long-term treatment of scars with protective tapes and avoiding sun exposure are important both to speed recovery and to minimize the visibility of the scars. Scars require treatment for quite a long time, up to half a year. Protection against UV radiation is of paramount importance even after this. Over time, however, the scars lighten – often into almost imperceptible light streaks.

Come for a consultation

If you suffer from flabby skin on your arms and are wondering if plastic surgery could help you get rid of the alleys, you are warmly welcome to a consultation. Talk to our experts for more information on the procedure that can best help you to get rid of this nasty aesthetic disadvantage.

Price list

1. Allit, liposuction From 2,240 €
2. Brachioplasty From 4,200 € (under local anesthesia)
3. Brachioplasty From 4,800 (under general anesthesia)

The price will be specified at the doctor’s consultation according to the scope of the procedure.

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